Again a first post. Master of beginnings… First question is, should I write English or German or both? Somehow German seems to be not feasible any more to me.

Why? Just as I am talking English the whole day, I tent to create text in English in my mind. But now let’s just start with the interesting stuff.

A couple of month ago, I moved from Munich to the beautiful island of Malta. And I still don’t know why, that is really the best part.

Sometimes I have a longing for Germany, but somehow not really. I found out, it is a longing for something unrealistic, something what is not really existing there. It is a longing for an idea of Germany. It is always related to a feeling in a landscape.

My body and my senses are somehow constructed to absorb certain vibrations from a landscape, it varies also with the time, the season, the situations. So, I have a longing for the certain feeling of “beginning of spring in a German forest”.

Meanwhile I enjoy the here the Winter, what is in reality an everlasting spring, meaning, I really enjoy the certain feeling of “Mediterranean Winter with sunshine standing at a cliff and watching the sea” .